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About Us : Meet Our Team

Welcome to Inferno Intel – where the heat of entertainment news meets the coolness of insightful analysis. We’re an independent media hub, laser-focused on the captivating realms of entertainment: from the cinematic universes of film and TV series, to the engaging twists of IQ games, personality tests, and interactive quizzes.

At Inferno Intel, we’re not just about delivering news – we’re about fanning the flames of curiosity and passion. Our ever-growing team is fueled by a shared desire: to carve out a niche in the media landscape where reliability and a fresh perspective come together.

Your enthusiastic support and our devoted readership fan our flames. It’s a fire we promise to keep kindling.

Feel free to immerse yourself in our content, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments.

Fiery regards, The Inferno Intel Team.

We Hiring : Join Our Energetic Ensemble at Inferno Intel

If you’re a seasoned journalist, budding writer, or a spirited student with a flair for diving deep into topics that intrigue, we want you on board. At Inferno Intel, we’re eagerly expanding our team and looking for talents who can bring fresh insights into areas such as entertainment news, the ever-evolving gaming landscape, and the dynamic world of social media content. Become a part of Inferno Intel and amplify your voice in a community that values depth, passion, and authenticity. Dive in and make waves with us!

Our Editorial Team at Inferno Intel

Our dedicated editorial crew currently stands strong with 5 members and is continuously growing – we’re always on the lookout for fresh talents to join our ranks!

Fanny M.

A devoted aficionado of the seventh art, Fanny M. pours her passion into penning cinematic critiques. Always on the pulse of the latest film and series releases, she’s well-versed in this realm’s every nuance! You can also find her movie reviews on senscritique.com. Dive into her takes and discover the magic behind the scenes through her discerning eyes.

Mike H.

Born and raised in the heart of the US, Mike has always had an insatiable appetite for films, series, and everything pop culture. From binge-watching iconic TV shows to analyzing the most intricate details of blockbuster movies, his enthusiasm knows no bounds. With a style that’s equal parts witty and insightful, Mike takes readers on a nostalgic journey through the cinematic universe, blending personal anecdotes with expert analysis. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard fan, Mike’s deep dives into the world of entertainment are a must-read for anyone looking to relive the magic of the silver screen and beyond. 🎥🍿

Jessica A.

Armed with a degree in psychology and a razor-sharp pen, Jessica is your navigator through the intricate maze of the human psyche. A fervent enthusiast of personality tests, she melds her love for behavioral analysis with thoughtfully reflective and breezy writing. Jessica staunchly believes that the better we understand ourselves, the more confidently we stride through life. Infusing her words with both wit and unwavering kindness, she aims to bridge the gap between introspection and action, enabling everyone to see themselves in a fresh, radiant light. With Jessica, the inner journey transforms into a riveting expedition!

Elizabeth T.

With nearly half a century’s worth of passion for brain teasers, Elizabeth deftly blends wit, puzzles, and playful challenges. She relishes in befuddling her readers with twisted riddles, all the while eliciting chuckles with her sharp-witted jokes and puns. A committed writer and an undeniable enthusiast of escape games, Elizabeth lives by one mantra: ignite the mind while delighting the heart. And remember, with Elizabeth, even when you’re stumped, there’s always a reason to smile!

Emma C.

Formerly in charge of procurement and with a passion for personal finance, Emma synergizes her skills to spot the best deals at retail giants like Walmart and Costco, while also dispensing savvy budgeting tips. With her breezy writing style peppered with a hint of humor, she navigates her readers through the realms of smart shopping and approachable finance. With Emma, every penny is cherished, and every purchase is a triumph! 🛍️💰

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