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Weight Loss: These 5 Diets are Recommended by Nutritionists for Shedding Pounds This Year!


As we welcome a new year, many of us are often inspired to make resolutions for better health. At CultureWoman, we heartily support those looking to achieve their dream body.

The concept is straightforward: seek out the optimal diet that will put you in peak physical condition. But with the many dietary suggestions offered by influencers and health professionals, finding the right nutritional plan can sometimes be a challenge. Which ones are truly worthwhile? Here are 2023’s diets that are already making waves!

: An Abundance of Diets in 2023

Similar to fashion, dietary trends vary throughout the year. Influencers provide us with ideas to get back in shape and maintain our health. Their success stories are highly valued, largely because they themselves have appealing figures. This quickly convinces us of the efficiency of the diets they adopt in 2023. This year, we know that several new dietary methods can be embraced.

According to a study by Forbes, diets aimed at losing weight are increasingly popular in 2023. These diets are attracting those who are into fitness or those who simply wish to shed a few extra pounds. However, it’s not always easy to decide which diet to absolutely adopt. Nevertheless, there are a few rules that health professionals and influencers agree upon for this new year.

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This study showed that it’s crucial to avoid overly restrictive diets. These are no longer recommended for effective weight loss due to the risk of a yo-yo effect. This creates a vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight throughout the year.

5 Diet Ideas to Try!

Weight loss could be much simpler with the Nordic diet! The premise is elementary: consume more fruits, vegetables, berries, and eggs. This mostly vegetarian method means you won’t need to eat meat and dairy. However, remember that severe restrictions can be hard to maintain. So it’s advisable to engage in a gradual transition. This method is very similar to the .

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This other weight loss method doesn’t impose restrictions on animal products. On the contrary, it insists on intake of healthy fats. Fish and other sources of Omega-3 are particularly important for this type of diet. This diet is one of the healthiest you can adopt.

Similarly, you can try the Paleo diet. With this dietary plan, you’ll have virtually no restrictions. You can eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. The only rule is to avoid processed foods that hinder weight loss!

Weight Loss: How to Choose Your Diet?

Choosing a diet is often a subject of debate. Simply put, there are a few rules you must strictly adhere to. Take into account your energy and calorie needs to prevent deficiencies and other health problems.

Secondly, know that weight loss following a diet is only possible if you also exercise. These methods are safer and prevent you from regaining the few pounds you want to lose!

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